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Así se puede adquirir el Petro; criptomoneda de Venezuela

The intentions of the president were conveyed by the finance ministry of the country in a tweet. The petro (₽), or petromoneda, launched in February 2018, is a cryptocurrency issued by the government of Venezuela. Venezuela is looking for miners for the country’s national cryptocurrency, the Petro. The PetroApp. The PetroApp is where you will be able to manage your Petros. Hyperinflation in Venezuela is a period of currency instability in Venezuela that began in November 2016 during the country’s ongoing socioeconomic and political crisis. The petro whitepaper will let you know its financial and technical details. The push is part of the government?s latest strategy that seeks to broaden awareness and usage of the virtual currency. Venezuela initiative to back a cryptocurrency and set 1 token at the price of 1 barrel of oil (which is currently at $60) is simply genius. Rather, it is presently sponsored by 50 percent oil, 20 percent gold, 20 percent iron, and 10 percent jewel, the new whitepaper points of interest. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

It is backed with the country’s natural resources reserves. The Petro, as previously covered, is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that’s supposedly pegged to the country’s notable oil reserves. Backed by the country’s oil, gasoline, gold, and diamond supply, it was intended to be a new means of international financing. Petro, the cryptocurrency launched by the government of Venezuela in February 2018, is being considered by Russia as a means of international transactions, according to …. The government in Caracas confirmed Tuesday that Venezuela had started a pre-sale of 38.4 million Petro digital units which will be carried out from February 20 to March 19. The difficult economic situation adversely affected the well-being of the population -. In 2018, the state-backed cryptocurrency Petro (PTR) was released as a means to advance Venezuela’s monetary sovereignty. One day after Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency was declared illegal, the government of president Nicolas Maduro announced plans to pre-mine the petro. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in a televised address, “has ordered the emission of 100 million petros with the legal sustenance of Venezuela’s certified and legalized oil wealth. Between a broken website, pushback from its own government and stories of violence and extortion, it’s almost as though the Petro isn’t doing as well as mainstream media is making it seem. The Petro aims to capitalize on what is the only commodity Venezuela is able to offer the international market by tethering the value of one Petro token to the price of one barrel of Venezuelan crude oil— roughly $60 USD at the current market price. As of August 2018 it does not appear to function as a currency. Besides, the petro is never again upheld completely by a barrel of oil. The sale of oil using Petro would commence in 2019. Give it to businesses to pay the employees in Venezuela that are going to produce goods, farming, and restaurants as a starting example, turning raw goods into meals, farmers and …. Venezuela’s bid to use the Petro as its national currency has already drawn criticism from the international community, with U.S. officials calling it a “scam” and the White House barring American businesses from accepting the cryptocurrency. The latest Tweets from Petro Venezuela (@PetroOficial).

You can bet if someone snapped up $735 Million it was all carefully planned with someone getting a big discount, on the future sell of oil, as this article pointed out. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. AdSearch & Compare flights to Venezuela. Book the cheapest and save today! With Jetcost you can compare flights to Venezuela and find the best deals on cheap. This would allow the country to obtain financial independence which cannot be provided by the bolivar as it is bound to the US dollar,” Venezuelan economist and journalist Tony Boza told Sputnik Mundo. DESCRIPTION. Petro will be a sovereign crypto asset backed by oil assets and issued by the Venezuelan State as a spearhead for the development of an independent, transparent and open digital economy open to direct participation of citizens. Venezuela’s bolivar is on the brink of collapse but its president has a cunning plan to claw back cash: create a virtual currency and sell it on the internet. Russian and Venezuelan officials are discussing the use of the South American country’s new cryptocurrency, the Petro, for international transactions, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, Venezuela’s Sectoral Vice President of Economy said Monday. It will fail, adding to the country’s many woes. And appropriately enough for a cryptocurrency, it’s being largely. But is it also the most expensive place to live? Know the Petro. The Petro is the first cryptocurrency ever backed by a State. The Petro can be used for saving and trading in a safe way. Is secured by oil. The first national cryptocurrency in the world. The initiator of its appearance was Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela. Venezuela turns to cryptocurrency to fight US sanctions and overhaul its struggling economy. Yet, months after the Petro …. The order was made by country’s president Nicolas Maduro. UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Venezuela is in a serious economic crisis, and the government continues to develop plans to save the economy. The claim, however, is unlikely to be true. The initial disbursement will be made on the Ethereum platform as a standard ERC20 token. The government has opened up a registry for miners to sign up to mine and gain access to the new currency. It is also “swapping crude oil for imported products” according to RT. Venezuela has enlisted the help of cryptocurrency specialists to roll out its very own crypto, the “Petro,” which will be backed by crude oil. With the oil wealth of Saudi Aribia, looks more like Syria, noted a journalist. CARACAS, Venezuela – Contagious effect There has also been an enthusiasm on the part of other countries to advance initiatives equivalent to the Venezuelan cryptoactive, a fact that seems to mark a starting point for the creation of an economic ecosystem very different from the one that determines daily life today. In Iran, a country that […]. Venezuela began experiencing continuous and uninterrupted inflation in February 1983, with double-digit annual inflation rates. The Venezuelan government has officially launched the pre-sale of its Petro (PTR) cryptocurrency. The Country’s, president, Nicolas Maduro, made the pronouncement as part of the latest monetary policies, and designed to counter the effects economic sanctions that have crippled the economy. According to an official gazette notice, all government institutions are now required to adopt the digital currency for all their transactions. Venezuela launched a cryptocurrency, the petro, with much fanfare earlier this year. But a Reuters investigation reveals that it still has a long way to go. But a Reuters investigation reveals. Most importantly, the Latin American country seems to have found a means to attain its strategic goal. The President said that this move was to expand the economy and reduce the reliance on the U.S. dollar. The petro will be backed by oil, gold, and mineral reserves. Venezuela’s native currency has also suffered devaluation through rampant inflation, and the price of even a few Petro coins adds up to several. Venezuela’s Petro cryptocurrency was launched specifically to help circumvent the crippling effects of US sanctions on Venezuela’s economy.